Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Loyalty Rate

Loyalty Rate Reduction

If you are currently a Mercedes-Benz owner of a 2013 model year or newer, or a Mercedes-Benz Financial Services customer, you are eligible for the loyalty rate reduction program.  Loyalty Rate Reduction offers a 1% rate reduction off of the lowest posted lease (minimum lease rate is 0.00%), retail finance or Star Advantage rate (minimum finance rate is 0.00%) on new Mercedes-Benz passenger car vehicles.  To be eligible, a customer must have leased or financed a new or pre-owned Mercedes-Benz with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services and currently have an active account or had an active account within the last 6 months.

Called 604-331-2369 for more information and to set up an appointment with your sales consultant.

Leasing Options

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services designed the First Class Lease to complement the finest family of vehicles in the world. We have committed our considerable expertise and experience to creating a straightforward and easy-to-understand lease that offers the most flexible terms for your personal financial needs. The First Class Lease adds an entirely new dimension to leasing, so you can drive and arrive in the style you prefer – First Class.

Leasing Advantages

    • Lower monthly payments
    • Term options and variable kilometrage
    • Standard Gap Protection
    • Single Pay Option
    • Flexible lease-end options
    • More disposable income
    • A new vehicle more often
    • Convenience of Pre-Authorized Payment


There’s nothing quite like owning. Once you’ve decided that owning your vehicle is the right financial decision for you, familiarize yourself with all Financing has to offer and let us customize a financing plan that works for you. Because we understand how much you appreciate the quality and value found in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, we realize that we should deliver nothing less.

Contract Options

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services offers a number of contract options when purchasing your vehicle. Ranging in possible length from 0 to 60 months, your dealer will help you design a contract that works for you.

Financing Advantages

  • Pride of ownership
  • Unlimited kilometres
  • Registration in your name
  • Flexible terms, and possibility of extended terms
  • Pre-Owned vehicle financing
  • Freedom to customize your vehicle
  • Ability to use your vehicle for transporting goods or people for hire (e.g., Uber, Lyft, car-sharing services)
  • Convenience of Pre-Authorized Payment